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I'm Juli Gauthier


I’m the founder of the Something Bigger Movement, a coach, speaker, contributing author, entrepreneur, and course creator, with a passion to help people live their own extraordinary life. 

I’ve spent the better part of two decades running the behind the scenes of a 7-figure business all while homeschooling my 3 kids and learning all things personal development and entrepreneurship.  I now help other female entrepreneurs grow and experience their own extraordinary life.

An entrepreneur since the age of 6, business is part of my genetic make-up (though not scientifically proven) for several decades, I’ve been helping solopreneurs scale their business and get results.

My method is a blend personal development, plus leveraging an individual’s talents and skills, utilizing systems (that I used to build and run my family’s 7-figure business), and turn it all into high growth coaching experiences for my clients.

It’s time to start celebrating your own business-wins.

Work with me and let’s celebrate!

Juli Gauthier

I’ve had the privilege of working with Juli for close to a year now and the biggest impact she’s had on my life and business is clarity. When you present her with a question seriously prepare yourself for open for insightful guidance. Heed what she says with faith. She’s quick, clear, and smart. Juli gets it, she’s kind, and you’ll be amazed at what a gift she is in your life.
— Maegan Watson, Founder of My Dear Watson
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