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General Inquiries

Simply Amazing! Just got out of an amazing 2-hour session with Juli! My intention for the call was to gain clarity in my business. I not only got more clarity but also mapped out my next moves strategically, with results in mind. I gained a whole new perspective on how to go about making my business work for me and have strong
foundations. I got tons of valuable tips not only on business, but on marketing, organization… it’s a whole list that I will keep to myself :) If you ever dreamed of being listened to and get the exact help you need without any judgement, Juli is YOUR person. She bounces back your ideas with a spin so you come up with your own solutions, she takes you to the bigger picture even if you haven’t thought about it yet. She brings valuable business experience and all the knowledge she got to help you create it. I am truly grateful I found her!
— Venny Zhurkova