You Can Give Your Kid a Super Power in 2 Minutes

Super heroes are quite popular right now.  With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a super power you can give to your kid in just 2 minutes.

There is this thing you can do that will give you more confidence, less stress, clear headed thinking, better leadership skills, and the ability to shine in high pressure situations.

And, yes, you can gain all of those benefits in just 2 minutes.

Think of all of the ways this could benefit your kids!

·       Play tryouts

·       Job interviews

·       Big tests

·       Meeting new people

·       Speeches

·       Singing and instrumental performances

·       Sporting situations

Actually, any situation that could create a little fear!

Convinced the solution is a super power yet?

Here is all they need to do: stand tall, shoulders back, hands on the hips, smile on the face, and imitate Superman or Wonder Woman for 2 minutes.

Yep.  That is it. Really? Yes, really! Hear is the science behind it…

There have been a bunch of studies recently showing that the way you hold your body significantly influences how you feel and even react.  Standing in this pose for those 2 minutes raises the levels of testosterone, the hormone that creates clear, focused thinking and strengthens leadership traits in both males and females, and lowers cortisol, the hormone that triggers the flight reaction, raises stress levels, and causes you to embrace fears.

One way to gain more information about this concept is to watch Amy Cuddy’s TedTalk about the research she has done on the subject. Watch it HERE.  This video is totally worth the 20 minute watch, especially if you are not already convinced that this is a must to share with your kids.

Next, time you are sending your kids, or even yourself, into a stressful situation, whip out your 2 minute super hero pose!  I know it has worked wonders for my family.  Share your experiences below in the comments or in our Facebook group.  We loved to hear and see you using your super powers!