Looking for Homeschoolers to Feature in our Blog

We Want to Hear From You!

One of the best ways to grow and learn, as well as to get amazing new ideas is to look to someone who has already accomplished something you would like to do or know more about. Here at Homeschool with Confidence, we are constantly talking about how we can share more within our community and be even more inspired by each other.

Sooo, we have decided to spotlight one of you each month! We are looking for Homeschool parents, graduates, and/or students who are doing something pretty cool or even just super happy with their homeschool journey.

We invite you to DOWNLOAD this QUESTIONNAIRE , send it to Juli@homeschoolconfidence.com, and we will feature you in the Homeschool with Confidence Blog, on Facebook or both!  And Yes! You can promote something awesome you are doing, too (as long as we don’t have totally conflicting ideas!).