Making Valentine's Day Special

We love Valentine’s Day!  Always have and always will!  It is a fabulous excuse to show all those people you are grateful for how much you care.  Here are 10 fun ideas you can use to make your Valentine's Day a little extra special this year.

1.    Gather all the crafting supplies, add some magazines, lace, ribbon, glitter, stickers, etc. Dump it all on the table for an afternoon of Valentine card-making fun.  
2.    Add a list of sayings and ideas from the Internet or Pinterest to spark creativity.
3.    Give the kids a budget and take them to a crafting store or a dollar store for fun new supplies.
4.    Add a bowl of candy (candy hearts, mini chocolate bars, etc.) to include in those “sweet” themed cards.
5.    Have each kid make their own mailbox out of a shoebox or cereal box and wrapping paper.  These are perfect to set up for a great way to receive some love.
6.    Create a little delivery pouch out of a larger envelope for each kiddo to store their creations. Use ribbon or string for a strap.
7.    If having just a couple kids in the family is not generating enough buzz, be sure to include grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, and even favorite neighbors.
8.    Make Valentine’s Day a multi-day occasion.  Build up to the day by delivering little pre-cards.  This is a perfect opportunity for the kids to tell each other what they are grateful for about each other!
9.    Have a special Valentine’s baking time.  Cupcakes, cookies, or homemade chocolates are always a fun way to celebrate. And don’t forget to stock up on red food coloring!
10.    Before they wake up, create a “Heart Attack” on their door!  Make a bunch of cute colorful hearts full of loving words and things you love about them to cover their doors!  Add some balloons for some extra fun.

Here are just 10 easy-to-do ideas to get your Valentine’s Day juices flowing!  I find Pinterest a great resource for inspiration, so don’t stop with just these.

Let’s keep the ideas coming in the comments below.  I can’t wait to hear (and see your photos!) of the fun things you do with your kids for Valentine’s Day!