What Successful Homeschoolers Have in Common

I recently had the privilege to chat with several other homeschool moms.  They mentioned how they are seeing articles on Facebook and hearing stories of amazing homeschoolers doing amazing things. 

As homeschooling parents we all want to put the amazing, extraordinary stories out there saying, “See!  This can be as good or even better than what we walked away from!”  It is a form of legitimizing the homeschooling movement in a way.

Yet, more often, there are wonderful stories of families who aren’t out stretching the schools academically, or doing outrageous and extraordinary things.  These families, it seems according to the discussion I was involved in, are ready to be recognized for something they think is very special and maybe even more so than what is out there publically.  And really, it is the one thing that matters the most, whether you homeschool or your kids go to public school, or are in any other place in life. 

The successful thing that matters most to all of us on some level is that we are happy.  These moms mentioned that all of these extraordinary accomplishments didn’t matter as long as they were happy—and I totally agree.

They called themselves ordinary, yet that is where I do not agree.  In everyone, the subconscious craves happiness.  We do everything we do to somehow fill a need because we think filling that need, will make us happy.  Actually achieving a happy balance is extraordinary and it is the ultimate success.  Congrats to you ladies and to all of you other homeschooling families who are happy in your homeschool journey.  You have the true success!