Homeschooling and Home Business, The Ultimate Time Question

I think we can agree that homeschooling is a time consuming lifestyle. Having your own home-based business is as well. Merging the two can easily become overwhelming! Here is a fabulous way to be sure you can handle both in a way that is rewarding to both you and your family.

Set intentions
First, set your intentions. Knowing what you want and where you want to go helps you stay focused on the activities that really matter. For your homeschool, what really matters everyday? In what areas is it important you work one-on-one with each child? By 3rd or 4th grade, your kids may be able to handle a section of their school work on their own daily. The most important thing you need to give your kids is for them to know you are there for them. Setting a system for when and how to communicate with you in which you can be fully present is key.

For your business, what is your end goal there? Ultimately, it is to make money, correct? Which things in your business bring in the most profit? Where are there time sucks? I recommend making a detailed list of exactly how much money you want to make per month and work backwards. How many units per week is that, per day? Take those numbers and build your plan from there.

Schedule it
Second, and this was a real eye opener for me, take a week and keep a schedule of what you are really doing all the time. Figure out how long it takes you to do laundry or walk the dog. How much time do you get sucked into social media thinking it is business networking or curriculum hunting, but ultimately the time disappears with out much to show for it. 

Third, after you know what you want and you know what you are really doing, reassess! There are things you are doing everyday that don’t really help you get closer to your homeschooling goals or your financial goals! Do they really matter? Why did you start to do them anyway? Try eliminating those things.

Finally, this is the way to really make money and make the most of your time, delegate! Is it time to get someone to come in and do laundry or clean? Is it time to get a virtual assistant for your business? Or could some of these tasks be picked up by your kids? Think about this, if you have tasks in your business that could gain you $100 an hour or more, why are you doing the $10-$20 an hour tasks that eat up your time? Start small. Have a local teen come in and do some of the simple things for $20 a week and see how it feels to have that extra quality time with your kids or in your business. Delegate a repetitive task like answering emails that ask the same questions to someone on UpWork or Craigslist.

Try out these steps. I guarantee that finding more time is easier than you think! If you’d like to know more about this process or others like it, contact me. My one-on-one coaching programs help you flush out systems like this to make your life, homeschool, and business thrive!