35 Little Things that Would Mean a Lot to Your Kids- Homeschool Version!

Recently in Parents magazine, there was an article called 30 Little Things that Would Mean a Lot to Your Kids.  It was an awesome article!  Maybe some of you saw the link I shared in our group.  It was definitely aimed towards families who have kids in school.  I thought it would be fun to create one for homeschoolers.  Be sure to add your ideas in the comments section below.

Here we go!

1. Next time your kids want to stay in pajamas all day, let them.
2. Serve their favorite dessert before dinner.
3. Take a surprise day off of school and do their favorite activity.
4. Skip a page in their curriculum that made them groan.
5. Switch their reading time book with something they will love instead of what is required.
6. Spend some alone time with each kid, one-on-one and just listen to him or her.
7. Have a spontaneous board game night or afternoon.
8. Hide little notes in their curriculum or dresser drawers.
9. Break a rule.  Nothing big, just something that doesn’t matter that much to show them that it is OK to think outside the box sometimes.
10. Take a day off from chores.
11. Have a superhero school day and show up in a cape.
12. Next time they argue with you about something, ask them why it matters to them, really listen, and try to help them discover a compromise.
13. When they come to you with that crazy idea to start a business or build a fort that you would usually shoot down because of time, help them with it.
14. Take a surprise detour on the way home to an ice cream shop, toy store, or park.
15. Turn on some loud music and have a dance party in the middle of the day.
16. Thank your kids for every little thing, even washing their hands and finishing a page of work.
17. Take a surprise vacation.  Pack while they are asleep and leave when they wake up!
18. Hold an awards ceremony for something they are proud of.
19. Find a new park and plan to meet a friend there.
20. Wear their handmade necklace to the grocery store.
21. Have a nag free day.
22. If there is something your child really hates, even after trying their best, let them quit.
23. Create a school mascot, theme song, and handshake.
24. Get that puppy they wanted, or other pet that needs a child’s love.
25. Have a theme day, like Pirate Day with costumes, special food, decorations, ending in a movie or maybe a color day where all clothes, food, etc. are all one color.
26. Stay up late to see the full moon or get early and watch the sunrise.
27. Start a pillow fight! (Love this one!)
28. Have a gratitude day for each member of the family.  Spending the day having everyone tell that person why you are grateful for them.
29. Skype or FaceTime a faraway family member or homeschool convention friend.
30. When your child has a passion about something, find a pro to go and visit.  Imagine your child’s face when talking to a professional race car driver or ballerina!
31. End school early and have a movie day, with popcorn and everything.
32. Have your kids help create fun family rituals, like game night, taco day, or telling jokes at the dinner table on Fridays.
33. Put paper mailboxes on everyone’s bedroom door and send loving messages.
34. Bake a birthday cake just because.
35. Make a huge fort with the couch cushions and sheets before your child gets out of bed in the morning.

Making those amazing childhood memories is what this is all about.  Share what you try in the Facebook group, Homeschool with Confidence.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!