17 Spring Science Experiments for Homeschool Kids

Spring is in the air, and I always feel like it’s a great time to introduce some more fun science experiments into the mix of your regular homeschool science lessons. These hands-on activities are a great way to get your kids more excited about science and exploring some new and even old ideas. Their brains are like sponges, and what a fun way to help them absorb important concepts while having a blast!

These are some awesome science experiments I came across to give you some inspiration for your kids this spring!

Mother Nature’s World
Dissect a Bean Seed
Create a Complete Ecosystem in a Terrarium
Create an Awesome Weather Unit
What Melts in the Sun?
Walking Water

The Phenomenal Physical World All Around Us
How Many Paperclips Can Fit into a Full Glass of Water?
How to Make an Egg Bounce
How to Make a Tesla Coil
Rainbow Bubble Snakes
Rocks and Minerals Scratch Test
How Strong are Gumdrop Structures
Simple Pneumatic Machine

Our Awesome Bodies
What’s in our Blood?
Our Lungs: Asthma vs Healthy
Digestive System in a Bag
Taste Test: Fool Your Tongue
How Our Muscles Work

If you had fun getting inspired by these great experiments, check out more on my Spring Science Experiments Pinterest Board. It’s filled with a wide range of experiments for most every unit and grade level.

Happy Spring!