Spring Fever: Taking It Outside!

Spring is finally here! Things are greening up. Energy and excitement are creeping back into your school days. It's likely that you've just finished your version of Spring Break and now it’s time to do that last push before summer. Yay!

So my big question for you is, how can you make spring fever work for you instead of against you?

If your kids are anything like mine, they want to go outside. The sunnier and warmer it is, the crazier it can get inside! 

The science behind this phenomenon is fascinating. The longer days, warmer temps, and increased levels of sunshine naturally stimulate the body to become more active. We are being drawn out of our version of hibernation and naturally getting ready for the longer, busier, and more active days of summer. Some studies even suggest a shift in hormone levels, though it seems medical sources don’t totally agree on this. One thing that is agreed upon is that the added sunshine provides more vitamin D, and this vitamin elevates mood and energy levels. During the winter in many parts of our country, we definitely don’t get enough sunshine and vitamin D. It's time to catch up!

So how can you make it work for you???

First, go outside and work. I know that's a super simple answer, but maybe some of you haven’t really considered it yet this year. If you can’t beat them, join them, as the saying goes. Send them out for one subject if you can’t move the whole day outside. How about science on the back porch or silent reading in the tree? Even just having lunch on the patio or some other sort of picnic could help. 

While the kids are catching some rays (and some of that delightful vitamin D), use this burst of energy to involve them in planning the last quarter of your school year. Have that pep talk that gets everyone excited about his or her work and about getting to summer. Add in some fun field trips and outside excursions. Use the pull of sunshine and changing seasons to encourage the kids to zip through the end of the year and maybe even finish early. Use the added energy to all of your advantages!

At the very least, plan something different and exciting dealing with spring that involves going outside each week. It's adding that surprise and variation that will help to keep the kids more engaged and on their toes. If coming up with ideas is not your strength, ask your kids what would be a great way to get outside and get more work done. They may have some great ideas. What else would they love to do this spring? Fly kites? Get the bikes tuned and ready to ride? Have a scavenger hunt? Or even write spelling words or math problems with chalk outside instead of being stuck indoors?

Remember, not only is the sunshine and fresh air great for your health, but a change in scenery can be very motivating for both you and your kids! Change up your homeschooling today. It will be worth it!

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